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Friday, April 11, 2003  

Wow, I hate being sick. And here it's going to be a bee-yoo-ti-ful weekend.

WHERE WAS THIS WEATHER LAST WEEKEND??? I've reminded myself that if this illness had struck last Friday instead of this there's a good chance that any pleasure I derived from hanging around White Sox park waiting for opening day to get underway would have been negated. See, I was chilly and wet and miserable but determined to see a game. Successful parking lot grilling, an extra sweatshirt, excellent company and a golf umbrella made it all seem possible. And actually, I did see the game. Just not at the park. I'm a betting woman, and my wager during the 4:30 downpour was that it was done. No game. Rain check.

SIGH Well, I wasn't really sorry, even when the touching chorus of USA! USA! USA! following a rousing a capella rendition of the national anthem (performed by a woman with a strangely unfortunate name, I think, though I suppose you would only comment on it if your mentality was that of a 14 year old boy) spilled forth from the car radio during our northward journey on Lake Shore Drive. The announcers absolved us for leaving. They said they didn't blame us. But you know what was underneath their forgiving tones?

Simmering, festering, ulcerating contempt.

The REAL fans stuck around, you ninnies!

Hey, my golf umbrella died for the cause! Isn't that enough? What do you want from me? Do you want to see my score sheet from every opening day since I've lived in Chicago? OK, OK so I'm not a season-long devotee. My attention waivers. I'm a football fan. I root for the Red Sox when they play our South Side boys.

OK, then. So you're right. OK? Is that what you wanted?

But I went to opening day. And I did watch the game. And I can forgive myself, which in the end is all that matters.


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Thursday, April 10, 2003  

Some children have trouble concentrating. Bean bag chairs can help.
-The Washington Post, April 10, 2003

Wait, can I have a bean bag chair?


You know, I read that whole article hoping they would talk about why a buying a kid a bean bag chair would help him concentrate. I mean, I know what they mean. But really...I had a bean bag chair when I was a kid and I can tell you that concentrating is not what I did while I was sitting on it. Quite the opposite. It usually involved a fan and a cardboard paper towel tube stuffed with Bounce. But anyway I was suckered by the article's teaser - there was never any mention of bean bag chairs as concentration tools, so the chance is slim that I will be able to convince my boss that I need one.

I'm drawn to home decor articles even though I have no true sense of decor. The decorative items in my cube, for instance, include:

1. a small round clock made of marble from Montaage
2. two 3.7 oz. size Yankee Candles (if you don't have a Yankee Candle, go buy one now), Gardenia and Sunflower scents
3. a psychadelic-style sticker with a frog waving a peace sign (hmmmm....) under a smiling sun
4. a growing collection of Kinder Egg toys.
5. A printout of a snowflake I made myself and was proud of.

Um, that's it. I have lots of other things in my cube but they are either work or food related. Decor is not my forte. Even the Montaage clock was given to me by one of the editors who obviously didn't want it (or already had one) but gave it to me to thank me for "all the hard work I do". It's a cool clock if you like that kind of thing, but it looks like it should be sitting on a mahogany wall sconce in a tasteful den and not on a standard issue black metal shelf in my cube.

Sometimes I think I could make my cube cheery and welcoming, and I think I would like to work with lots of greenery around me and soft incandescent lighting. The clock would go nicely with that. But that's pushing things a bit. I think it would actually be psychically damaging to signal to myself that I am going to take my work seriously enough to decorate my cube in a fashion that would create an appealing work environment. What would become of me? Next thing you know I'd be hanging around after 5 to "just finish up a few things".


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I think I'm finally on track here.

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