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Friday, May 02, 2003  

The directions on this bottle o' drugs I have instruct me not to lie down for at least a half an hour after I take one.

"Ha ha!" I said. "Fools! What do they know!"

Well, apparently what they know is that I am now sucking on ice cubes to ease the burning in my esophagus after taking one at 11 p.m. and going straight to bed.

When you take drugs, you should really follow the directions.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003  

There was something else here but the website it was connected to seems to be down and it's fucking everything up.


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Wednesday, April 30, 2003  

OK, something messed up and it seems to have something to do with the enetation code. I'm just gonna go back to squawkbox, so any and all comments thus far have been lost.


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Today is Wednesday, one of my favorite newspaper reading days because of the food sections. I very rarely have found something that I've been dying to prepare from a newspaper recipe, but I love to read about food.

There are, in fact, very few things I don't eat. Some candidates:

Despite my love of/additiction to seafood, I don't think I would enjoy trying the baby glass eels from the article in today's NY Times (the link will go bad in a couple of days, so I won't bother). I already know I don't like calamari, but I will eat it if it is deep fried and covered with cocktail sauce, and as long as it's the rings and not the tentacles. I don't prefer, um, "organ meats" in any form. I ate lots of liver as a child and I never liked it.

Bugs, no (though the rhinocerous beetle is purported to taste like blue cheese). Snails, probably not (though I confess I've never had escargot). Most forms of non-avian small game (commonly known as "rodents") are out. I have no desire to eat reptiles, though I've had turtle soup (with Sheila, in New Orleans, at the behest of our excellent new friend, Waiter Troy). I've eaten huitlacoche (charmingly known as "corn smut" in the U.S.), and then I saw a picture and now I don't want to eat it again, but it was good before I got the visual.

I didn't like olives for a very long time, but I discovered that it was because the only olives I ever had were those ones that come in a can and taste like metal. My mother would buy them for special occasions, and she would sing what was apparently the jingle from the black olives commercial whenever she opened a can. She always seemed surprised that I didn't know the song. But I hated those. One good kalamata turned me right around though, and now, strangely, I can also eat those canned ones without too much of a fuss. Steamers always seemed vile to me and then several years ago I was goaded into trying one, and now, well, they are about the finest thing ever to me.

There aren't any cuisines I can think of that I've tried that I really don't like. Not crazy about Japanese, but I'll eat it. Raw fish and all (unless it's squid). If something is odd and unfamiliar I have an easier time consuming it if I know it's vegetarian.

Some might call me unadventurous, but you know, I don't care. I'm not picky but I'm not fearless either, and I don't think I need to eat baby eels or rhinocerous beetles or guinea pigs (popular, apparently, in Guatemala) in order to have a perfectly reasonably adventurous and satisfying lifelong culinary experience.

Speaking of culinary experience, it's lunchtime...

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003  

You know what makes me kinda mad? The archiving feature on this site. It keeps telling me my archives don't exist, when I know they do 'cause I wrote them.

Anyway, I'm one day away from my predicted date of interest loss in keeping this blog. I've only missed one day that wasn't a weekend (don't ever expect a post on a weekend), and technically I did post because I revised something that needed revising - I wouldn't have except that there is a certain phrase that keeps getting googled and it's in that post...and I figure if people are going to bother reading it (some do) then it should probably make sense. And really, it didn't.

I did something fun and narcissistic this weekend. I pulled out an old tape of a radio show I did as a college DJ on tiny little 50 watt 89.5 FM WSKB at Westfield State College and made everyone listen to it. It was 1991 and "Give It Away" was a new release. My roommate sat behind me reading child psychology and requesting GoGos songs. I did a Smiths feature hour.

Oh I dreamt about you last night
And I fell out of bed twice...

The highlight, I have to say, came fairly close to the beginning of the recording when after reading a PSA, I called Dr. Joyce Brothers to the mat over a quibble I had with her advice on attaining financial security. Her advice included the observation that you would be more likely to pay your bills if you had pretty checks to write on. She never did respond.

You know, I was a pretty good DJ. I made my (current) self laugh. Sometimes I talked too much, but I played really good music. I was getting requests. People listened to my show. It was really strange listening to myself as a 20 year-old. I was cool and sarcastic, and this was long before I knew what I know now.

I have no idea what made me dig that tape out, but I'm glad I did.

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