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Thursday, May 29, 2003  

+29 Days
Interest Level: I think I have more fun setting these things up than I do writing in them.

I gave my former supervisor the complimentary golf tees I received in the mail from the tchotchky company we order stuff from sometimes, and in return he gave me the prize from his Cracker Jacks. We both agree he got the better end of the deal since the Cracker Jack prize, to me, is utterly useless. It's a 1.5" x 1.5" plastick-y square that's supposed to be a baseball card. It's like a drink coaster for a very small gnome. It has Troy Glaus on it, if that means anything to anyone.

Here's what I like about baseball: Opening day, keeping score (at the ballpark only) and falling asleep on the floor listening to the game. Oh, I also like bratwurst and curly fries.

I don't understand people who enjoy watching baseball without keeping score. What is there to enjoy? Unless you are some idiot savant who keeps track of all that crap in your head, isn't it boring if you can't refer to your handy sheet to see that your third baseman has struck out swinging twice and is pretty much stinking up the dugout? And I just don't have the stamina or the interest (scoring a game that is on TV is for GEEKS) to fill out little boxes all season. In my opinion if the flow of the game can't easily be followed without written aid it's pointless to watch. (Incidentally I also feel this way about hockey, basketball and soccer, though I've found no way to tolerate those at all.)

Now, football on the other hand...there's a good sport. It's fairly easy to keep track of your players, it's well paced, there are only 16 games to worry about in the regular season so you can pretty much see them all, it relies on brains and finesse as much as guts and brawn, kickers are sexy, and if a bunch of guys want to dress up in tight pants and pound the crap out of each other for my amusement, I say play on.

So what I'm saying is if this Cracker Jack prize was, for instance, Rod Smith or Ed McCaffery or Adam Vinatieri (swoon), I would at least add it to my cube decor until the season was over.

But this? Sorry, Troy. I'm sure you are a fine third baseman but I don't know any gnomes who need a drink right now.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

+28 Days
Interest Level: I'm bored enough to entertain myself doing just about anything right now.

I do have things to do. I've just chosen not to do them.

Maybe Wednesdays should be my food blog. I always look forward to the Wednesday newspaper food sections but I find them unfulfilling, which in turn I find sad. I think it's also something about reading the online versions, but I get the gist of whether or not I want to look at a hard copy based on the articles. The New York Times has a decent food section featuring one of my favorite cookbook authors, Mark Bittman, and Nigella Lawson whose show I've never seen because I don't have cable. The Washington Post is not great, but they make up for it by having their cooking chat on Tuesdays. The Trib, Sun-Times and Globe all suck.

I almost never want to make anything I find in the newspaper food section but I still must read it.

That lemon basil I mentioned yesterday? It's really awful. Even worse than I thought it was yesterday. I cannot emphasize enough that it smells just like bad breath.

Also it turns out that I wasn't the only one that found those Atkins peanut butter cups vile. There was a discussion in progress on that subject when I went to the kitchen for coffee this morning. So today at...uh...a large chain grocery store (where I swear I never shop if I can at all avoid it), I got some Milky Way Popables which, while better in theory than in actuality, are way better than any dismal Splenda-infused excuse for a confection. No thank you.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

+27 Days
Interest Level: Well, it's really just that I'm coming off of a three day weekend that involved a lot of beer, chicken, food and fruity pink drinks, but today I just feel like staring off into space.

I went to the nursery with some coworkers and bought some herbs for our work herb garden. We joked about being the garden club (it's three pots of basil, etc. on the back patio) and it was kind of fun. The purple basil is cool looking and the curry plant (not curry leaves) smells really strongly like curry. Mostly like turmeric I guess. We just kind of got that one for fun. Turns out that the Brits mostly mix it with mayonnaise and that's the extent of its usefulness.

I had some sprigs of lemon basil on my desk not long ago (yes, we got many kinds of basil) but based on, I don't know, the direction of the breeze in the office or something they started to perfume my cube with odors that were alternately like Lemon Pledge and halitosis, so I got rid of those. I don't think I'll be using much lemon basil. But I am surprised at its lemony-ness. I didn't really expect that.

I don't really have much to say today. My brain is just a big pile of mush. I just had an Atkins peanut butter cup (I picked up three from the free food table in the cafe) and it left a strange taste in my mouth. There is a lot of fat in it too. From what I understand fat is perfectly ok if you are following the Atkins diet, but I suppose the whole purporse is defeated if you eat, say, fish tacos, corn chips and rice for lunch.

Oh well. I just figured out that that strange aftertaste is Splenda. Back to the free food table for you, little peanut butter cups!

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