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Tuesday, July 08, 2003  

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Remember Smash Or Trash? No? Maybe you didn't live where you could hear WBRU. And they stopped doing that like ten years ago anyway. Didn't they? Or I stopped listening to it 10 years ago. I don't live there anymore so I couldn't tell you.

Anyhoo, here are some of the latest additions to our CD collection, thanks to our Midsummer CD Exchange. We gave our friends CDs (well, they haven't all been distributed yet and we seem to be gaining players as the summer goes on. It was originally the Solstice Exchange) and they gave us CDs and all we promised was to listen to them. I can't give super detailed reviews of each, but here are the ones we've heard so far. I feel bad even classifying any of these as "Smash or Trash" because people are giving us stuff that they love and want us to hear, and presumably hope we like. We did the same, but at least one person is going to hate what we gave him. At least we're pretty sure of that. But we did give people permission to hate what we give them and my feelings won't be hurt if they tell me so. So in that sprit...

(Smash = Something I will buy more of/listen to again. Trash = Glad I heard it but that's enough, thanks.)

The Scud Mountain Boys: Massachusetts
Courtesy Of: Leonard
Smash! A couple of things surprised me about this album. It is full of catchy hooks and great lyrics. As much time as I spent skulking around the Boston club scene in the early 90s, I had never seen these guys. Then we put it on at a poker party and somebody said "Is this the Scud Mountain Boys?"

I am fond of the title track and a song called "Cigarette Sandwich". It was very nice chicken-induced chill out music.

Jurassic 5: Quality Control
Courtesy Of: Leonard
Smash! A genre of music I'm not overly familiar with. Had a blast listening to this, felt hip when it was commented upon by a guest (also at the poker party), would like to hear more.

Stan Kenton Plays Bob Graettinger: City Of Glass
Courtesy Of: Leonard (again)
Trash! OK, here's the thing: This stuff is strange. I already don't know how I feel about "modern classical" composers and, I don't know. It didn't grab me. I like the idea of it. There is definitely some noteworthy musicianship in there. But...I think perhaps Stan put it best when he said (and I paraphrase), " was either the best music ever or the biggest piece of shit we ever recorded and I still don't know which".

I don't either, Stan.

Focus: Moving Waves
Courtesy Of: Aryst
Trash! I know that this is the most favoritist band of some people I know. I am hesitant to classify it as trash, and frankly I enjoyed listening to it, but I only enjoyed listening to it because the people I was listening to it with were enjoying it so. It could very well be the best pop album made by a Dutch band, but I found it silly. Again, great musicianship and I can see the appeal, but it's gonna have to fight for a spot on the CD changer.

We have a lot more CDs to go. Leonard, for instance, gave us eight (which I'm totally psyched about thanks). We may listen to some tonight. It's totally fun! You should do it too! Send me a record & I'll send you one right back!

Wow I just got some weird pain in my head...

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